Client: Tele2   Service: Digital

There’s an app for everything nowadays, and the number of companies that don’t have their own is getting smaller and smaller. Tele2 is one of the heavyweights among phone operators in Sweden, and of course, they have had an app for years. The problem was that it was kind of outdated, and people didn’t exactly adore it.

So, they got in touch with us. They asked us to implement a new design and create an app that could house everything their customers would ever need in one. We’re talking usage stats, billing, in-phone shopping and lots more.

We got together with the good folks at Tele2 and defined the purpose of the app and what functions it should have. Then we started drawing wireframes – and lots of them! Every single screen and its contents, buttons and whatnot was in them, along with a map over the flow of the app.

We did the designs for iOS as well as Android, and then it was coded for both operating systems. Now, Tele2 has a new app with a design that’s up to date, that gives the user a better overview over all the data they need and want. You can check your total spending, how much data, text and MMS you have left, upcoming and past bills as well as stats for your monthly usage. Phew! That’s a lot of information in one little app.

The app is still in BETA mode, and it will be so in the future – and hopefully forever. It will continue to evolve, new functions will be added and adjustments will be made – in order to adapt to the needs of the customers. Happy apping, everybody!

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