Client: Fontana   Service: Design

Fontana makes Sweden taste better, due to the fact that they offer Greek goodies from premium sources. It’s also well-established family business and a major player on the Swedish food market. But when we were introduced to the family, the brand identity and design expression was in deep need of a swim in the fountain of youth.

Fontana’s arena is a cluttered market with heavy competition from all directions. So there really wasn’t any doubt about that we needed to go oil in (hahahahaha!). We took our inspiration from the brand’s Greek heritage and the Papadoupoulous family that owns it and created a new brand platform and visual identity. Then, we did a total re-design of the 200+ products strong portfolio to make every single item more personal and exciting. And it proved to be a great recipe. For example, Fontana’s olive oil sales increased by 250% once we were done. And needless to say, our work together has formed a special bond between our two families, and we look forward to many good tasting years to come.

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