Client: Snickers   Service: Design

Ask any craftsman, builder or the likes of them and they’ll tell you that gloves are pretty important things. Not just any glove will do, and the demands for comfort as well as durability are higher than an exchange student on his or her first night out in Amsterdam.

A while ago, Snickers Workwear decided that it was time to get on their feet, or rather – their hands, and break into the glove category – and they asked us for help.

So, we set out on a journey of research and discovery that took us to China and South Corea where we learned about how gloves are made and perfected the details of the gloves in order to get the best fit, comfort, durability and sensitivity. Also, we started thinking about how we could take the whole thing further.



Our research led us closer and closer to the innermost of the innermost core of the glove universe, and for every step we knew that we needed something big. Something that would mess up the way we look at gloves.

And then – it dawned upon us. One single simple insight: Left and right hands do different things.

You, as a craftsman, have different needs for your leftie and your right hand – and the latter might wear out faster than the other or vice versa. So why think of them as a pair?

We started to look upon gloves as individual tools – even down to how they were sold. Now, Snickers sell different gloves tailored to fit the hand and different tasks perfectly – individually. And this might just change the way we think of gloves – forever.

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