The affordable care act

It may not be your initial guess, but we’ve worked quite a lot with medical care. In this area, there is one thing most people agree on: devices that help you with different conditions are just way too expensive. In others words, they exclude a lot of people. But that’s just how it is, right?

Gear for asthma patients was one category suffering from severe expenses. For example, spirometers (used to keep track of how sick you are and how much meds you need) are often about 2000-7000 SEK. We wanted to create one that was below 200 SEK. Is it possible? 

Through desktop research combined with expert interviews, analyzing existing devices and lots more we came up with a number of routes that we explored further. We sketched out different versions – and finally came up with a viable solution. Together with Novartis, a global medical company,  we then started to develop a working prototype.

The prototype has been presented to over 400 physicians who have given us elaborate feedback – and now, the next step is going into production. Under 200 SEK, over everyones expectations.