The new kid on the block

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about NCC are hard hats and construction sites. In other words not really something you want your housing-division to feel like. They needed to create a new brand ASAP – and we came to the rescue.

By exploring the world of housing we began a journey of building this completely new brand. An insight based, multidisciplinary team at Pond built the brand platform, brand identity, implementation strategy, communication concept and web experience. Well, everything. NCCs new brand Bonava was created.

The Swedish “Bo” means living and “Nav” means hub. That is what Bonava is all about. They don’t just build houses, they create homes and neighbourhoods that bring a sense of belonging. By doing this we not only created a new platform for NCCs new housing brand to be based on, but also injected the confidence needed to be successful in the housing market.

Welcome home.

  • 8 markets
  • 210 pages of design guidelines
  • 133 colour codes
  • 6.6 GB of sketches