Client: Nobia   Services: Innovation, Design

Nobia, Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer, is one client we have been fortunate to work with on many aspects of their business.  After extensive strategic work, including portfolio strategy and target segmentation, it was time for consumer insight driven innovation.

 For a room that is often referred to as “the heart of the home”, it was pretty surprising to see that overall there is very little differentiation noted in the category.

We spent time doing what we do best – listening, observing, asking – in real life situations.  Whether during a weekday family breakfast, unpacking groceries, hosting guests for dinner, or just hanging around in the kitchen, we observed, noted and generated insights.

Tapping into these insights and emotions, we have helped Nobia conceptualize and design products that not only look fantastic, but ignite the soul.  The Coffee Unit and Sound Unit are two examples that have launched this year. 

The Coffee Unit

People love coffee – and they love their pod coffee machines.  So much so, we observed people creating make shift shrines on their worktop counters at home.  But, knowing that the worktop is some pricey retail in the kitchen, we thought it was about time to create another place for them to showcase their machine – and invite people in to the experience.

When designing the coffee unit, one challenge was to use as many standard (existing) components as possible while (still) creating something new.  Sketching and prototyping each aspect was done first in our in-house workshop and then at Nobia’s factory.

The Coffee Unit is changing the way people experience coffee, at homes across Europe.
CoffeeUnit_2_730x406 CoffeeUnit_3_730x406 CoffeeUnit_4_730x406

The Sound Unit

We knew that a vast majority of people listen to music in the kitchen, but they don’t like all the cords and they don’t like taking up valuable counter space for things unrelated to cooking.  We also knew that there is often a 10cm gap in kitchens that needs to be filled.  Enter the sound unit.

The requirements were anything but simple – design that can work with the majority of kitchen styles, Bluetooth enabled to work with any mobile device, under 10cm and it had to sound great! We supported Nobia in selecting a sound system supplier that could deliver the right quality product.

The Sound Unit seamlessly integrates music into the kitchen, without compromising sound quality, style or space!
SoundUnit_2_730x406 SoundUnit_3_730x406 SoundUnitAnimation

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