Client: ICA   Service: Digital

ICA is a big thing where we come from. It’s probably the most loved food store chain and a brand that might seem like, and of course is, a pretty advanced little thingy. But behind all the complex logistic routes that makes the cereal, diapers, veggies, snus, newspapers and whatnot land right before the consumer’s eyes is one simple idea: Simplifying everyday life for Swedish people. And our role is to make this happen with the help of shizniz like digital strategy, concept development, interface and service design, packaging, graphic design, digital younameit and so forth.

We have put lots of effort into simplifying, enhancing and integrating the whole ICA online experience. We have basically pulled together an ocean of useful tips and tools, content and services and then turned this into an useful and relevant world where it’s easy to navigate and simply pretty fun to be. The web and mobile services have not only been stitched together, they have rather been molded together into a seamless entity that deliver targeted and accessible personalized info. Like a good friend, to put it simple.

These are only the first steps towards making life easier and better for ICA’s consumers and whoever visits And since the launch of the site ICA has been breaking the old records in visitors and claimed the position as the top go-to place for food inspiration. So, we guess we’re off to a good start.

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