Client: Svenska Spel   Service: Innovation

Svenska Spel is Sweden’s state-owned lottery company. Svenska Spel has a turnover of about 3 billion SEK and their most popular lottery ticket is called TRISS. TRISS is probably the most common reason for Swedes to get all pumped up on adrenaline due to the feeling of being on the verge of becoming filthy rich.

Lately, the vibrance around TRISS has faded a bit due to the fact that they haven’t brought a lot of new stuff to the gambling table. But, still, people like TRISS just the way it is so the real challenge lies in refreshing the concept in a way that both attracts new buyers without scaring off the loyalists.

We have been working with TRISS for a number of years in order to generate insights and come up with new concepts that reinvigorate(s)the brand and create(s) new game forms. In 2013, we added a scratchable mystery box to the ticket that adds even more excitement. And in May, we launched TRISSAMMANS – a new ticket based on the insight that a lot of people scratch TRISS together. When buying the TRISSAMMANS (the name is a wordplay on the Swedish word for ”together”) you get to share the excitement with a friend, as well as the prize. This, of course, doubles the fun – and the adrenaline levels.

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