Client: Poggenpohl   Service: Digital

It all started out as a rather simple brief: Create a website that facilitates the grand journey of buying a kitchen for consumers as well as the business – all based on the graphical manual for Poggenpohl.

But at the heart of the Nobia strategy is a constant strive to improve the buying experience for the consumers. That means making it simpler, easier and more inspiring. And during our research phase we found that not only the Poggenpohl website needed improvement. So, the brief grew like a blue whale baby on steroids – and we ended up with the assignment to create a time and cost effective platform for creating over twenty brand sites.

When saying ”over twenty brand sites” and ”time and cost effective” in the same sentence, it might sound as if one’s trying to exemplify the meaning of the word ”opposites”. But as we all know, opposites attract – and these two were not only drawn to each other. They were happily married and spawned an offspring that was named *fanfare* Hercules.

Hercules is a really simple, but powerful, idea. It’s modular system for building all Nobia’s brand sites based on a set of building blocks. It’s actually a lot like playing with LEGO – apart from that the buildings can be adjusted and adapted to fit the various brands’ graphic identities. Or like putting together your own custom kitchen based on the modules from one of Nobia’s brands, if you’d like.

The Hercules system has now been put into action, and the result – in the shape of a new site for (that’s right!) Poggenpohl – is up and running right here.

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