Client: Bonava   Services: Strategy, Design, Digital

In the autumn of 2015, NCC – one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region, decided it was time to separate its housing development business into its own company. The new company needed to launch across 8 different markets and list on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange by June 2016.
The question was – how?

By exploring unique equities and valuable commonalities across the 8 markets we
began a journey of building a completely new brand together with a global team of
brand representatives from each market. The new name had to be kept a secret, no connection to NCC was planned for the new brand and it all had to be developed in parallel work streams. An insight based, multidisciplinary team at Pond started to lay
the foundation for the brand platform, design logic, implementation strategy, communication concept and web experience.

15077 design files, 461 internal and external meetings and workshops, 166 pages of design guidelines have been invented, designed and written, 133 colour codes have been developed to match screen, print and physical elements, 46 animation film versions, 6.6 GB of interaction and web design sketches – all created one common identity for the new brand Bonava.

The Swedish “Bo” means living and “Nav” means hub. That is what Bonava is all about. They don’t just build houses, they create homes and neighbourhoods that bring a sense of belonging. With a business strategy of increasing its proportion of homes available to many, the new brand still has to be aspiring to people – just like Ikea and H&M offers democratised yet desirable Scandinavian design. Bonava is born out of NCC and merges the knowledge and people from the past with a new contemporary and people-oriented agenda and a vision to create happy neighbourhoods where people have the highest quality of life.

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