Client: Malibu  

Rum and coconut – that’s not bad. Not bad at all. It’s sweet and summery, and it’s actually so good it has become the foundation of and entire liquor brand called Malibu. Yeah, you’ve probably heard about it. And over the years, the product range has grown with a number of different Malibu variations.

But Pernod-Ricard, who owns the Malibu brand, needed some assistance in order to reach the financial and brand goals. Clarity and direction was needed for the growing portfolio, as well as a clear innovation focus for the future. So they asked us to help them out.

We created a product portfolio strategy where the global strategy was sewn together with the needs of the local markets and salesforce. At the same time, we plotted a new steady course on the ocean of innovation for the Malibu ship and built a rollout programme with flexibility for local adaptations where needed.

All of this has proved to be a very tasty recipe. We started working with Malibu in 2010 and since then sales have grown by 20% – reaching 3,7 million Malibu cases in 2012/2013. That’s one hell of a party.

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