All ears

Urbanears website was okay. It was a classic conversion optimized e-commerce. It performed okay, looked okay – but Urbanears wanted far more than just ”okay”. It was time to turn it up to eleven.

Conversion optimized e-commerces are made to convert a lot, that’s clear. And in the short term they often do – it’s the long term values that’s not getting enough love. Because of this short-term focus, Urbanears was perceived as more of an online store and not a brand. POND needed to raise the brand-amp.

By making the product the hero and the site much cleaner we created a whole new experience. From lots of okay headphones, to a few really good ones.  From a lot of navigation, to less. You get the deal. The backside with a whole new look and feel is generally that conversion initially goes down, at least that’s what the marketing evangelists tells us.

But the result? Sales on desktop stayed the same, and mobile went up by 23%. Win-win.

  • 23% Conversion rate went up