Digital Producer

You + big important client = huge amazing success. Well, that’s the equation we have in our heads anyway. Pond is now on the hunt for you – a solution focused and team spirited Digital Producer.


So, who are we?

We are a customer experience consultancy. But also a branding and innovation agency. Does that make sense? The point is, we make things great. We create products, services and experiences in the physical and digital worlds – and increasingly where the two converge. We are insight driven, user centric and firm believers of prototyping our way forward. Because fast learners live longer.


And what will you do?

You will be working with one of our biggest accounts, leading the production and execution of our projects. Apart from daily contact with team members you will interact internally with our Lead Strategist and Project Manager. We strive for a high level of collaboration, so frequent communication with our clients should be expected, especially at our clients’ office.

In your day-to-day work you will be responsible for structuring the work to ensure successful projects and making sure communication flows smoothly between client and team. Just like it’s supposed to be. Easy-peasy.

We’d like to see that you have previous experience in digital service and product development. This is a key role in scoping and executing our assignments, which makes you, naturally, a key person at Pond.


What are we looking for?

  • A highly structured and communicative colleague with attention to details
  • A co-worker with a collaborative mindset and a systematic approach to deliveries
  • A person with the will to learn and drive change within projects and organisation
  • Experience from production within the digital development space
  • Great skills in project planning and execution
  • Very good knowledge of the Swedish language, both in spoken and written terms
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Experience with agile processes and some knowledge of design thinking


Furthermore, we’re a merry bunch.

Here at Pond you will find Canadian industrial designers and strategic orienteers. Gamers turned designers and skiers turned copywriters. You will meet hobby musicians (they will get their big break any day), book addicts (in serious need of help) and dog lovers (also in need of help). On top of that, there is a surprising amount of people from Skåne.

We might be very different. But we all have two things in common. We are kind and we love what we do. Now we just need you in our rooster.

Do you want to be a part of the Pond experience? Get in touch with Tanja Løvefod at