Experienced bot

We’re right now on the look out for a skilled bot to our new Experience Center in Stockholm.

This is a key position – as this is the first artificial intelligence we’ve hired.
You will be able to mold the role as you see fit, thus making the framework for how other bots and AIs will be working with us in the future. We’d also like you to have no human bond and no real emotional connections what so ever – aside from those we tell you to have.

Being able to run at least 1000 tasks a second
24 hour work days
Being able to predict the future (at all times)
No intention of getting kids, family or friends
Disregarding culture building (such as ”after works”)
Not having a problem with being stapled as a buzzword occasionally
No vacation

There will be no salary for this role, you will be doing this pro-bono or as slavery. Whatever you see fit. We’re looking forward to see your application.

Contact: johan.ollas@pondsthlm.com