Interactive Art Director

Now we need a new friend that’s a great Interactive Art Director. We believe that you have some years of experience from the agency world, working with different kind of clients.

At Pond you will find Canadian industrial designers, strategic orienteers, gamers who turned into designers, skiing copywriters, hobby musicians, book addicts, serious dog lovers, old motor cross-stars and a lot of people from Skåne. They all have two things in common. They are very lovely. They are very good at what they are doing. (Totally biased of course.) So what would your role be in this motley crew?

We are a customer experience consultancy. That means we create products, services and experiences in the physical and digital worlds. And increasingly where the two converge. We are insight driven, user centric and firm believers of prototyping our way forward.

We are Pond – The Brand Innovation Company, part of PwC Consulting.

Please send your application to Mio Takahashi