Internship in Consumer Insight and Foresight, Spring 2018

We at Pond Innovation offer an internship for one graduate-level student for spring 2018. We are looking for curious explorers and analytical team players with a creative mind-set to our consumer insight and foresight team.

At Pond you will find Canadian industrial designers, strategic orienteers, gamers who turned into designers, skiing copywriters, hobby musicians, book addicts, serious dog lovers, old motor cross-stars and a lot of people from Skåne. They all have two things in common. They are very lovely. They are very good at what they are doing. (Totally biased of course.) So what would your role be in this motley crew?

We are a customer experience consultancy. That means we create products, services and experiences in the physical and digital worlds. And increasingly where the two converge. We are insight driven, user centric and firm believers of prototyping our way forward.

We are Pond – The Brand Innovation Company, part of PwC Consulting.

Competence & Personality
• High level of analytical skills (qualitative and/or quantitative)
• Driven by a desire to understand; why people do what they do, how they think and feel and what motivates them, what are the gaps between perception and reality
• Interest in branding and brand strategy methodologies
• nterested in what going on now and in the future in society, culture, technology etc.
• High level of communication skills
• Strong in visual design in terms of e.g. creating PPT & Keynote presentations
• Fluent in Swedish and English
• Team player/builder
• High energy
• Ambitious will to learn

Graduate-level student in any of these
• Degree in Business Administration
• Degree in Economics
• Degree in Service Design
• Degree in Anthropology
• Degree in (Social) Psychology
• Degree in Design Management
• Degree in Statistics

Internship description
• Full time internship, 40 hours per week.
• Intern salary, 10.000 per month.
• Supporting insight specialists in fieldwork, research and analysis
• Writing reports and preparing presentations
• Preparing for and participating to innovation workshops
• Operational project management
• Intern will have a dedicated mentor from the consumer insight or strategy team to support in ways of working and knowledge transfer


The internship period is from 8th or 15th of January 2018 to 29th of June 2018.

Please send your application and CV to by 30th of October 2017.