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Andreas Bjöwi

Cravings / Do you have any guilty pleasures
I’m addicted to two things, snuff and really good coffee. I have no plans to quit!

What makes you laugh
Seinfeld. Still the funniest show that have ever been shown on TV

Your most epic movie quote
“Here’s Johnny!” (The Shining, 1980)

What don’t we know about you

I’m a high school educated goldsmith

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done

I ones went to Dramaten (Royal Theatre in Sweden) for an audition as an extra for a rather large production of Macbeth. I’m not an actor, I have never been an actor, I have never tried to be an actor, but I thought; how hard can it be? When I got there 300 real actor was waiting to perform. I over heard a conversation where two actors told each other what different title roles they’ve played recently. I realized that this was something way over my qualifications. I got my lines, I went in to the director and producer and delivered my lines, I went home. I didn’t get the part.