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Anna Gunterberg

What do you work with at Pond?
Client Director / Brand Strategist

Place of birth?

Philosophy in life / life mantra?
Stay hungry, stay foolish.

What makes you laugh?
People who master the difficult art of ironic humor.

Cravings / Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Blue Svenska LantChips (sour cream taste). At one period my sister and I thought they tasted different and wrote an email complaining about it. Turned out they had some difficulties with their cheese powder supplier at the time.

(Yes, we eat them a lot…)

Whats your biggest no no?
People eating bananas in rooms/subways/busses. You know when they are starting to get a bit brownish… I think our world would be a better place without people eating bananas where other people (me) have to smell it.


What don’t we know about you?
Took a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) at age 19.