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Philip Gilchrist

What do you work with at Pond?
A great mix of strategy and innovation!

Place of birth?
No kids yet but I imagine some place sunny and warm

Whats your most epic fail?
Ok, it’s not really ’epic’, nor is it a specific one time-thing, but you know when you are walking down a street and it suddenly hits you that you are walking in the wrong direction, and you decide to turn 180 degrees? And people stare? It has happened more than once.

What is your biggest achievement so far?
The story that I am about to tell you took place during a paintball game. I had found myself a perfect bush to hide inside, with a stunning view all over the battlefield. Suddenly I hear footsteps approaching from my left. I freeze, and await the enemies. They stop, and I assume they were taking their positions. I decided to attack before they spotted me, and caught them both by surprise. When you get hit in paintball you have to return to base, so off they go. What they didn’t realize was that I very casually followed their footsteps. I found myself undetected behind enemy lines. Without going into a lot more detail, let’s just say that it was a colorful day for some.

Favorite hangout?
Without a doubt, on a motorbike driving around on Fiji or Bali.