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Making real magic happen. We fuse commercial understanding with creative thinking to cook up product, service and brand innovations that excite both customers and shareholders alike.

We are Insight apostles

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it is the fact that innovation starts with insights. We’re always on the lookout for what gets peoples’ juices going and the trends that will influence the needs of tomorrow.

When it comes to insights, we firmly believe in keeping it real. To us, that means gathering insights where they happen – meaning that we go out and meet people where they work, eat, sleep and play. And we’ve come so far that we’ve stopped expecting the unexpected. Instead, we’ve started looking for it. Thus, our insight hunting takes us way beyond the obvious.

As soon as we hear the familiar clank of insights against our shovels, we unearth it – and then we start digging deeper. We’re greedy when it comes to understanding – and we know that when we strike gold, there might be more the deeper we go. And when we say gold, we mean the hidden desires, values and beliefs that is the currency in a state of innovation.

Our Services

• Needs-based Segmentation
• Customer and Cultural immersions
• Ethnographic exploration
• Customer Journey
• Purchase and decision and channel understanding
• Usage understanding
• Trend analysis


Naama Forsrup
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Plotting the course to the land of growth and profitability

Whether it is about assigning clear roles to your brands, identifying and sizing a market opportunity, articulating the promise of your brand or imagining how you could transform a category, Pond Strategy is your partner. Innovation and brand strategy is all about making choices – about positioning, about where to invest your 100 dollars in product development to maximize your ROI. But the good thing is that we make complicated things simple.When we do things our way, we marry analytics with creativity and innovation, resulting in a strategy that is relevant, differentiating and ownable with a short and long term perspective. Our starting point is always defining the problem and getting knee deep in understanding of the business and brand context. Then, we get jiggy with our analytical skills, creative thinking and experience. The result is a strategy that is understandable, visual and ready for action.

Our Services

• Innovation Strategy and Process
• Brand and Product Portfolio Strategy
• Brand Strategy
• Market Analysis
• Naming
• Business Model innovation
• Innovation Due Diligence


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Transforming insights into attractive solutions

Innovation is the key to... No, innovation is a sledgehammer designed to smash the walls between expectedness and the future. If insight is at the base of everything we do, concept innovation is the pinnacle. Whether it’s a physical product, a service, a space or innovating the whole brand experience we are your partner.

We help you envision that future and create a pipeline to get you there.

We believe that a diversity of minds spawns extraordinary thoughts. That’s why our teams consists of people from a multitude of disciplines – and also why we invite our clients to collaborate with us. We like to think of ourselves as responsible for unleashing our clients’ creativity, as well as our own.

To lure the dragon of creativity out of its lair, we use the power of playing. We experiment, discuss, get inspired and have a very hands-on approach to getting creative. Heck, we have even got our own in-house workshop where we churn out prototypes, develop interactive concepts and build stuff.

People is our inspiration since the seeds of kick ass innovative solutions are user insights.  And the solution might be anything. Perhaps it’s a new product or service, perhaps it’s a new business model. We don’t know – yet. But whatever the solution, we make sure that it is feasible, moves the brand and is commercially smokin’.

Our Services

• Trend monitoring and analysis (business model, macro, industry, technology, consumer, user experience and material trends)
• Innovation opportunity identification and clarification
• Insight platform develpment
• Idea generation
• Concept development
• Concept evalutation and validation
• Prototyping
• Longterm product development planning

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We create desire

Digital Design

Interactive design is all about designing an experience. It’s about creating stuff that people want to use – and since desire is measured in clicks and real time action, there’s no room for errors. We’re creating conversation topics out of product information and we turn services into awesome experiences. To put it simple, we optimize your offer into a digital crown jewel that is talkable, searchable, shareable and buyable.

Brand Identity

If you think of a brand idea as a person, the brand identity is that person’s looks – the clothes, the skin, the twinkle in his or her eyes, the smile... You name it. We have a dedicated team building consistent visual identities and personality expressions using power tools such as typography, color and imagery – always aiming to create love at first sight.

Industrial Design

Our in-house team of industrial designers don’t just help us create new concepts: They bring them to life! Armed with a fully fledged (and super secret) prototyping workshop, they put their ears to the ground; Going deep and wide in search of those hidden gems of insight that can spark a truly great innovation! Sketching, mock-ups and 3D visualization are some of the tools they have at their disposal, but none can beat the power of creative thinking based on real insights.

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Knowledge is power

”Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”. Heard that one before? Well, we don’t buy it. We think that those who can should do – and also teach.

But before we move on, it’s time for some myth busting. You see, some people like to think that innovation skills are handed down to a selected few from some kind of divinity, and that you’re basically screwed if you’re not among the lucky few. But we’ve got some good news, and some even better news.

We’ve been doing innovation on a daily basis for a long time, and we’ve found it to be a skill that can be trained and learned. And the need for innovation is suffering from a major case of gigantism – since it’s what makes brands stand out and really grow.

Now, we want to share what we know. We invite you to come and practice Pond style  innovation with us. We’re talking hands-on creativity, supported by theory. Our trainings range from snappy two hour workshops to six months of transformational efforts. Afterwards, you’ll have the tools, methods and a vocabulary ready to be put into action.

Our Services

• Training in the innovation journey for both individuals and organizations
• Innovation process development or improvement reviews
• Inspirational innovation seminars for all levels of the organization
• Innovation management and organization transformations relevant to drive the innovation agenda


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